Ishaan Madaan

Founder | Arbinsol
New York State Attorney (Certified for admission)
LLM in International Arbitration | White & Case International Arbitration LLM Program, University of Miami School of Law

Ishaan is a young, dynamic and enterprising dispute resolution lawyer experienced in International Arbitration, Civil, Commercial and Corporate Litigation as well Insovency and Bankruptcy related practices.

Ishaan was called to the Bar in Delhi, India in 2011 and has been since then representing clients where he acted as counsel/co-counsel in proceedings before the Supreme Court of India, various high courts and tribunals. His co- founded law firm Madaan Law Offices has been handling corporate practices, Insolvency and restructuring assignments and arbitration disputes. He has also acted as a court appointed arbitrator in a commercial dispute.

In 2019, Ishaan joined the International Arbitration LLM program at Miami Law as its first FDI Moot Scholar, where he began his advent on research on the Conflict between International Arbitration and Insolvency, turning into his first paper written as part of a seminar taught by Professor Jan Paulsson. His paper also won him the CALI Award, which led to several panel discussions organized by him exploring and working towards the development of this underexplored interplay. During his time at the program, he also assisted with the coaching of Miami Law’s FDI Moot team, as well as did a practicum with a top-tier law firm working on an international arbitration proceeding. He also contributed research to Miami International Arbitration Society’s amicus brief on the issue of compelling non-signatories to arbitrate, which was filed before the Supreme Court of the United States and the issue was later decided in favor of the proposition.

With a view to further develop research, conduct dialogue and forge thought leadership on the interplay between International Arbitration and Insolvency, Ishaan conceived the idea of Arbinsol.

Prakhar Chauhan

Co-Founder | Arbinsol
Assistant Professor | Jindal Global Law School
LLM in International Commercial Arbitration | Queen Mary, University of London

Prakhar is an Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Law School with a primary focus on Arbitration. He is an avid writer in matters of International Arbitration, and continues to mentor, supervise and support independent research in the field.

After acquiring his Masters in International Arbitration from Queen Mary University of London, Prakhar worked in several international and domestic high-stake arbitrations, while representing the Union of India and several PSUs. Following his passion for teaching and policy, Prakhar joined the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) where he was involved in several key policy advancements in affiliation with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, ranging from organizing conducting colloquiums and training for National Company Law Tribunal members. He played a pivotal role in drafting training material for officials of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and officers of the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). Over the years, Prakhar has also advised key ministerial offices on several confidential policy matters.

He is currently authoring a book on the interplay between International Arbitration and Insolvency, and the role of Third-Party Funders. He has also co-authored a book (under review, EBC) on the Practitioners’ Perspective of Third Party Funding.

In furtherance to his years of research on the issue, Prakhar co-founded Arbinsol.

John Rooney

Thought Leader | Arbinsol

John Rooney is an International Arbitrator, Practicing Attorney and Adjunct Professor at University of Miami School of Law where he teaches International Commercial Arbitration and International Business transactions. With both civil law and common law education, Rooney is barred in Louisiana, Texas and Florida. He is also a Fulbright Specialist on Contract Law.

Rooney’s practice focuses on international commercial contracts and reinsurance. His practice and experience as an arbitrator encompasses both institutional and ad hoc arbitrations in US, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and ICSID. He is also the vice-chair of the Miami International Arbitration Society (MIAS). He has also been, for over a decade, coaching Miami Law students participating in various International Arbitration Moot Competitions including Willem C. Vis Moot and the FDI Moot.